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The Lesson I Picked From SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN Movie

I was very skeptical this evening when my friend picked this movie for us to watch, my thought; will this be interesting, then I said, it would be interesting. My friend has always picked the right movie. We then went into the cinema hall and the movie began, it was interesting all through but I got strucked by a statement made by one of the characters;

‘‘Your Father was a good man,

The kingdom prospered

The people prospered.’’

The statement above was made to a young lady by the name Snow White who her father was killed by his new wife (Snow’s step mother) on their wedding night. She was in so much distress, running away from her wicked step-mother who had locked her up in the prison for all her teenage years. She wanted to rejuvenate her own life with the heart of this young lady (Snow White). She had to run for her life.

She met a lot of people on her journey through the mountains, valleys, dark forest etc. But all these people were willing to die for her because of what her father did when he was alive.

Most times, we over look people, we look down on people, we cheat people, we oppress those who are already oppressed, you find leaders who make life difficult for the poor and squander that which belongs to them. We all forget, that one day we will pass on, our works will live after us, our children, families or even grand children will be left, they will reap what we have sown.

Men, strong men, even dwarfs fought for this young lady, in-fact, one of them on sighting an arrow shot at this lady ran and stood in her place instead, lost his life just for this young lady.

I want to encourage us to do good. Doing good is the only way to silence critics, doing good is profitable, doing good is worthwhile. One day your children will enjoy your good works. Either good or bad, every action in life has consequences. You have total control over your actions but you don’t have control over the consequences.

If you succeed with your life without pain or struggle, it is because someone has gone ahead of you to make the sacrifice. On the other hand, if you toil, struggle with pain and you don’t succeed in your life time with the sacrifices you made, do not worry, your children will come behind you who will enjoy the sacrifices you have made.

This young girl eventually won the battle against this cursed and wicked woman. You can visit the cinema to watch this movie but as you do, find something to go home with. The Holy Bible tells me that ‘Day unto day utters speech and night unto night reveals knowledge’’ Ps 19:2.

There is always a lesson to learn from everything around.  I see beyond the pictures and sound of movies, I pick life’s applicable lessons. Don’t watch with your eyes alone, watch with your mind as well.  It pays to do good. There is always a reward.

Tobi, Chris, Biola; it was nice watching this movie with you guys today.




  1. O. Ben-Omotehinse says:

    Well said Oga mi

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