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Sometimes last year, I was privileged to attend an international training programme on Renewable energy, where I met 35 other participants from 18 countries of the world. I found out that the world is truly diverse in culture and language.

One of the very events that helped to reshapen my thinking was something that happened on the last day of the programme. We were hosted to a dinner and some notable leaders in that district were present. Everyone had time to interact and network.

From my observation, I found out that the people of that country enjoyed listening to & watching magicians perform. These magicians are sometimes found entertaining people in various events around. It was quite intriguing to me because this isn’t a popular practice where I come from.

At the end of the meeting, I had gathered quite an assortment of complimentary cards from industry leaders in the renewable energy field to consultants, manufacturers, et al, and I was already strategizing on how to create a valuable, sustainable & profitable partnership with some of these people.

To my amazement, I saw one of us discussing at length with the magician who had come to perform at our dinner meeting and I got curious about their conversation. I was sure that they had never met before this night. When I approached this fellow participant of mine later to ask about his conversation with the magician, he was very reluctant to talk to me but after some persistence, he opened up. He said “I am trying to seek a partnership with the guy, such that I can bring him to my country to run a magic show”. I was speechless and dumbfounded.

I lost my sleep that night; I couldn’t just imagine that after this young man had spent so much money & time, travelling thousands of miles from his home country, to come for this training, all he could leave with after 3 weeks was a ‘magical’ network.

Then it dawned on me that most of us live our lives like this young man. We look for the fastest and easiest ways to make money. We lose concentration easily by looking away from our goals. How many years have you invested on that business to believe that it is not working? How long have you stayed on that job before concluding that your decision in accepting it was wrong? How long have you persisted on that thing?

I charge every young person reading this to stay focused and determined. You expend your time, energy and resources on a task and because you do not see the result immediately, you conclude hastily that it is not ‘your thing’. Have you forgotten that you have these energy, time & resources for a short while? Instead of wishing you had much more of this, why not focus and re-focus your focus?  – stay on that one thing and not gallivant around. If not, you will soon find out that you have invested in so many things but have nothing to show for it.

The reason for failed promises is broken focus – when focus is broken, promises fail, either from God or men. I feel sad when I see people labour so much but have no result to show for it. Most of the time, it isn’t the devil at work but our carelessness. Stand up and make up your mind to remain focused on your goals, no matter how long it will take as long as it was inspired by God, it will come to pass.

If you are not doing SOMETHING, you will become NOTHING; give no room to idleness and laziness. Your work is your worth.

Take a stand and make a difference.


  1. Peter says:

    Segun, this is a very informing and educative piece. Focus indeed is what makes effort to be appreciated. Energy gets wasted where there’s no focus. More of God’s inspiration for you my brother!

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