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It’s A New Year

I wonder why I have stayed this long on planet earth, 3 decades in life is no joke, I considered myself privileged by God to be alive to see the beginning of a new phase of life. I sum everything about my life up as a life of PURPOSE and a man GRACED by God. This is all that has kept me alive.

My life in the last 10 years has been a total summation of purposeful living, even when life was challenging, difficult situations and feelings of giving up. The big picture has been the driving force for the little I have been able to achieve. Looking back I have joy, my greatest achievement and testimony is the changed lives, lives God gave me the privilege to impact, young men and women, adults and children who I have seen over the years change positively. I can never forget an elderly woman who called me from the United Kingdom and for over 20 minutes, she kept praying for me, at the end, she said to me, God just reconfirmed to me through you what He told me about 25 years ago. I wondered; all these through the impact of a book. This is true inspiration from God.

Growing up wasn’t an easy task, lots of childhood stubbornness and majorly low self esteem. But looking at my life today, I just can’t stop giving thanks to God for finding me useful. The disadvantages of growing up is the testimony to changed lives. To every mess, there should be a message.

Using this medium to say thank you to everyone who had contact with me in the past few years of my life, from my parents especially my mum (God Almighty bless you for being a real mother), my siblings, My big Uncles and aunties, Pst Ebunoluwa Olufemi (thank you for helping me find purpose), Pst Sam Adeyemi (You gave me the vision am running with), all my mentors all over the world, my protégés (thank you for permitting me to mentor you), extended family members, to my friends, colleagues, associates, Joanne thank you for everything, Purpose Group family, blessed are you all. My Pastors & members of His Treasure House, Abuja.

I just used about 1/3 rd of my life span, it has been the stage of preparation, am moving on to a new phase; the performance stage.

According to my Bible, a perfect man is a man full of Love (Matt 5:46-48), so everyday, am working towards loving unconditionally, so if you love me, pray for me.

I see the next 10 years far greater than the years I have spent on earth. The glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former. We will touch more lives and be a blessing to our community and nation.

Thank you all and God bless you real good.


  1. ukot says:

    Segun you’re a torch shining to show many the way. Godspeed!

  2. m'jojo says:

    hmmmm words cannot express greatness. Keep shining on.

  3. O. Ben-Omotehinse says:

    Its trivial importance that you have lived this long. Howbeit, I place much premium on your discovery of purpose and the impact you have made in lives, including me. It is indeed “a new year” Sir

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