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It Is Your Right to Vote!!!

Leadership is a process between the Leader & the followers

In Nigeria we solve our problem by ourselves. You generate your electricity by buying a generator, you buy a land to build your house, you pay your own school fees and also pay your children school fees and you are thinking what has the government done for me?

It is important to know that every time an irresponsible person becomes our leader in a country Рit is a proof that we are not yet ready for transformation.

We can sit in the comfort of our homes and offices and condemn the government for not providing basic amenities or solving security and financial problems but the truth is that; are we truly ready for change?

Remember; All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to keep silent. – Good and evil are at battle always, when we keep silent, evil wins and that results in terrible governance.

I have witnessed 4 democratic elections in which i was qualified to vote in 3 of those elections but i have only voted once and i voted with sentiment. How many more people out there are like me?

Anytime we do not register or vote for an election, we have already given power to the political class to rig the election. It won’t be perfect from the beginning but i think each election should actually make Nigeria better.


Your tool for national change

I urge every young Nigerian to rise up, register & vote – don’t just vote but vote wisely – we know those who are sincere and those who are not sincere.

The major obstacle we will have to overcome is tribe and religion – if i find a man who is a Muslim & from the northern region but has competence & integrity – i will vote for him.

If we keep voting based on tribal and religion line, then we are not ready for change.

We are the change that we seek.

Take a stand and make a difference.


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