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According to Wikipedia.org; A king is a monarch; a person at the head of a monarchy. This is a form of government in which a state or polity is ruled or controlled by an individual who typically inherits by birth and rules for life or until abdication. Monarchs may be autocrats (absolute monarchy) or ceremonial heads of state who exercise little or no power or only reserve power, with actual authority vested in a parliament or other body (constitutional monarchy)

With above definition and understanding of who a King is, I can then narrow it down to Africa and then Nigeria in explaining certain phenomenal in our structural form of government and leadership. Please Note that in the above definition of a King, I highlighted a particular word ”Inherits”, a King could have inherited the throne by birth; that means, it is his right because he is a legitimate son of  his ”father”, or more so, the eldest son of his father who is still alive.

In retrospect, I can liken Nigeria’s system of government to this type of monarchy type of government. A government which when a leader is leaving office, he installs his son or associate or preferred candidate in his position as the leader. They do this most time to have a say or to still be in control of power long after they have left office. It is in Africa you will see someone rule for 40 years all in the pretext that he did not see a capable hand to hand over to. What has always been their end? Forceful ejection from office, coup or sometimes death. It is in Africa that a president will be richer than his country.

Interestingly, in the selection of a King by his father, it is automatic; once you are the eldest child, everyone knows that you are the next King after whoever his ruling passes on or becomes unfit to rule but in this system of government, expertiseintegrity, competence, trust, confidence, leadership skills, financial understanding and more are not important, in fact, they are not considered. You learn on the Job. Think, take a critical look at our Nation and ask yourself, are these qualities above found in our leaders?

When was the last time in Nigeria that these qualities were used as criteria to elect leaders? Check the list of all our elected leaders, how many of them have the qualities above? Is it not obvious that we have huge problems on our hands? John C Maxwell said that ‘‘everything rises and falls on leadership’’

I want to introduce a statement from the Holy Book called Bible. It says ‘‘Woe to thee, O land, when thy king is a child, and thy princes eat in the morning’’ Ecclesiastes 10:16

I established in the early part of this piece that Nigeria run a ‘‘technically’’ Monarchy type of government,

Why has the economic crime commissions not been able to successful prosecute financial misappropriation cases against ex-officials either at local, state or federal level? Simple; the leaders install loyalist in their positions when they exit office, these people frustrate investigative processes.

Why is crime, especially high profile criminal security investigation cases never successful? Because those who commit crimes are backed by powerful people in and out of government. If you read the dailies today, you should have seen in the Sun Newspaper that the Bellview plane Crash of 2005 was a caused by bomb planted in the aircraft. In fact, it was not an information released by the government but by someone else.

If the attorney general of a country can be killed in cold blood and for over 11 years, the killer has not been found, if governorship aspirants and high profile people can be murdered and nothing discovered after years, then tell me, do we place premium on human lives in Nigeria?

Remember; ‘‘because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil’’ Ecclesiastes 8:11. I can imagine why evil is constant and increasing day by day in our Nation.

Briefly, what is the characteristic of a Child?

  • A child doesn’t understand priority.
  • A child does not know how to delay gratification.
  • A Child is sometimes stingy (give a child a biscuit and ask from him/her to give you back and watch the response).
  • A Child will act without thinking.
  • A Child can become too bossy and be unwilling to listen to the opinions of others.
  • A Child doesn’t understand the culture of savings.
  • A Child’s brain and thinking capacity is small.

I can go on and on listing the traits of a child but sincerely; I see these traits in the lives of most of our political leaders everyday. We are a democratic nation that doesn’t practice true democracy. God said woe to a nation whose King is a child.

What is the way forward? A bomb blast to kill all our leaders; No I think, a revolution; maybe but really, the solution is YOU, MYSELF and the GENERATION BEHIND. I listened to a radio program by a station here in Abuja this past week and the discussion was that; if you find yourself in government will you steal public funds or not? Guess what, 80% of the respondents said they will steal. These are Nigerians just like you and I, we don’t believe in this country, we are not patriotic, we are greedy and selfish even in our immediate family.

Can you imagine a father that spends his whole income on himself or a father that doesn’t take care of his family; he will plunder the country without a blink of an eye. A man who did not place priority on his immediate family, what business does he have thinking of the masses? This is the kind of values we need to change. The family is destroyed, the society is corrupt, marriages are breaking on a daily basis, divorce rate is high amongst the rich and poor, so many children are been raised by single parents. What do you expect? A nation that doesn’t value integrity and honesty. A country that its citizens celebrate and honour thieves who steal our money and create jobs with it (creating jobs is at least better but most don’t). The challenge of Africa and Nigeria often time is that our nation(s) are 5 talent nation(s) led by 1 talent leaders. Whatever you do not have the capacity to manage, you will ultimately loose.

We have to wake up, I believe this country will change but the question that crosses my mind is that when will this happen? Will I be alive to see it? Yes I pray. It’s time we wake up from our slumber; we stay in our places of worship and pray for Nigeria every Sunday; that is not enough. We need to rise up and act, Nigerians, my fellow young men and women, rise up, develop capacity, be productive, labour and work with your hands.

The only way a man will not steal in government is if he has been productive before he got to the governmental position. Opportunities will come but will we be prepared? Each time I see a Christian answer the political leadership call, the question I ask is; Is he productive? Because no matter the fire and tongue talking, you will steal if you are not productive (Ephesians 4:28).

Most importantly, do not allow any child be without education, train a child, it is not expensive to send a child to school, am sure you know. Make a commitment to help a child, pick up a child and mentor him or her. They are the future, the seeds you sow in them will germinate, their minds are fertile and anything planted there will grow. Fight for them and teach them the right values. Teach them what honesty means, integrity, trust, hard work, character and all the good values. Tell them that it pays to be diligent and lead by example. If over 40 years ago, we knew that a man by the name Goodluck Jonathan will become the president of this country, we would have invested in his future, we wouldn’t have allowed him walk without shoes or go to school without school bag, we would have taught him the right values and invested in his human capacity.

We don’t know who will be the president in the next 20, 30, 40, 50 years, so we need to invest in the lives of these children. They are the solution to this nation’s numerous problems. God did not just create any child; every child is with a purpose.

I appeal to your spirit, adopt a child, personally, I have made up my mind to increase the number of children I send to school to 10 by the end of the year. I don’t have millions yet but I believe that what you make happen for others God makes it happen for you.  When you take responsibility for the care of the people around you, you enjoy insight from God and ability to produce miracles. You cannot help someone succeed and you will be a failure. Very soon whenever wherever you hear the call to this action, please heed.

I see a new Nigeria emerging, I see a new dawn and I see a new people. May God touch the heart of our leaders and may God give you the courage to make a difference.

Take a stand and make a difference.



  1. m'jojo says:

    Insightful.especially the second to the last paragraph……

  2. E.c Bethel says:

    Wow o, what a great message awesome one, keep the good work.

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