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‘‘It has been said that life doesn’t give you your desires but your demands’’. Folks you must give your dreams everything it takes to see the reality of the day. Nobody will help you because you are beautiful or handsome; people will not just wake up and start looking for you. You must be able to sell your vision to your prospect. Do you have a project, plan or vision you want to execute. You must know that your ability to sell yourself to your potential helpers or investors is very crucial and important.

God will not manufacture money because of you, He has diligently put the money in the hands of some people and it is your responsibility to demand it through expertise and trust. Every rich man is looking for where to invest his money, you must be able to sell your vision to them. I once had an experience at a program recently. I was at the GOTNI leadership Clinic on 1st of July, 2012, one of Nigeria’s billionaire was the keynote speaker and he did well and said a lot on entrepreneurship and credibility. When it came to question and answer session, people were asking different questions and he was answering, then came this young man, he stood up and said and I quote him ‘‘Sir, I believe you were able to achieve this kind of success because you were able to travel abroad through a scholarship and you were able to study business models in Ukraine, I have been holding an admission letter to a school in Belgium for my postgraduate for the past 1 year and no funds to make the trip, what advise do you have for people like me?’’

Initially, I didn’t understand what he was trying to communicate but at some point, I had this confidence that something was about to happen. The keynote speaker went on to answer this man’s question and finally he said, what is your name? What course did you study in your undergraduate? What do you want to study in your postgraduate? How old are you? This young man excellent answered these questions very well, sold himself to the man and that was it; the keynote speaker looked at him and said; my desire is to send 40 people abroad and I have sent 37 already, I will give you a full scholarship if you decide to go and study in Ukraine.

The whole place was turned upside down, people clapping and shouting. I couldn’t believe my ears and eyes. He never knew the man before, but he got a full scholarship and probably will have a job waiting for him after his schooling. This tells me that you don’t get what you don’t ask for, keep quiet and your destiny will keep quiet, sell yourself, if you can sell yourself, you can sell anything.

Wake up from your sleep, ‘‘when a man has no reason for waking up then sleep becomes an assignment’’. What are your goals? Do you have one? How will you recognize your future when you get there? How far are you willing to go for your dreams? ‘‘Those who do not have dreams are bound to serve the dreamers’’. I encourage you today to wake up and pursue your dreams. Opportunities pass us by each day, don miss your opportunity because you are not prepared. Let courage, patience and perseverance be your anchor, trust in the Lord. Give it one more shot, don’t give up, keep at it, ‘‘if at the first time you failed, destroyed all the evidences that you tried and start all over again’’. Be true to yourself.

Abraham Lincoln once said ‘‘I don’t know who my grandfather was; I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be’’. Who do you want to become? Only you can tell, push, don’t give up, make that move, keep at it and know everything about your product, dreams and aspiration. God will favour you one day by bringing the opportunity for you to pitch your ideas, hoping that you will be prepared. Value relationships, have good and great networks, socialise and make good friends. The money you need is in someone’s hands. Your future is bright.



  1. m'jojo says:

    i am so awake no more dreaming!

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