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Solve A Problem!!!

Entrepreneurship Teaching at Dartmouth College, Hanover.

I had a chat with a man yesterday who has built several multi-billion dollar businesses in the United States and after 15 mins of our conversation, i concluded that if you must start or run a business, it must have social impact as a major goal – upgrading the life of the people is very important.

Essentially, it is not about the large profit that you make – but when you touch people’s heart – they give you what is in their hands. Your community can make you rich if you give them solutions that solves their problem. – We have read it in books – i have found out – it is true.

As developed as the United State is, their business men & women still strive to create products and services that adds value, first thinking about their own people, then the rest of the world.

We are the change that we seek.

Take a stand and make a difference.

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